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Welcome to Crossway Christian Church!


We are a community devoted to traditional biblical values, deeper connection with God through Prayer, Scripture, and fellowshipping with one another as we advance the kingdom of God through church multiplication with an end game to saturate Maryland with the Hope of Christ. 

Our mission is to make disciples that makes disciples and plant churches that plant churches; Living fulfilled lives, intimately with God. 

Our vision is to Saturate Maryland with Churches by transforming every home into a church.

Simply put, "Every Home a Church". 


Since 1899 we have been proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to all people, one can only imagine the impact this Church has had on the world.  In this new season, we need you to continue our God given mission to plant hope in every corner of the world.

Join us in person


Fellowship (Free breakfast)
9 :45 A.M- 10:30 A.M
Worship Service: 

10:30- 12:00 P.M

May 9th
Zoom bible study: Book of John
Sign up by emailing the pastor here!
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